Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent on to the Planet Earth

“ ‘Then perhaps on the Earth also would begin to exist the eighteenth personal commandment of our COMMON CREATOR which declared: “Love everything that breathes.”

“ ‘This offering to God of sacrifices by destroying the existence of His other creations is just as if somebody from the street should now break into your house and wantonly destroy all the “goods” there, which have taken you years to collect, and cost you years of labor and suffering.

“ ‘Think, but again think sincerely, and picture to yourself what I have just said, and then answer : Would you like it and thank the impudent thief who broke into your house?

“ ‘Certainly not!! A million times not!!!!

“ ‘On the contrary, your whole being would be indignant and would wish to punish this thief, and with every fibre of your psyche you would try to find a means of revenge.

“ ‘In all probability, you would now reply that although it is indeed so . . .“I am, however, only a man. . . .”

“ ‘That is true, you are only a man. It is good that GOD is GOD and is not so vindictive and evil as man.

“ ‘Certainly He will not punish you nor will He revenge Himself upon you, as you would punish the mentioned robber who destroyed the property and goods it had taken you years to collect.

“ ‘It goes without saying, GOD forgives everything—this has even become a law in the World.

“ ‘But His creations—in this case, people—must not abuse this All-Gracious and Everywhere-Penetrating; Goodness of His; they must not only care for, but even maintain all He has created.