Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent on to the Planet Earth

“ ‘When GOD created you and these beings whose existence you destroy, could our CREATOR then have written on the foreheads of certain of His creatures that they were to be destroyed in His honor and glory?

“ ‘If anyone, even an idiot from “Albion’s Isles,” were to think seriously and sincerely about it, he would understand that this could never be.

“ ‘This was invented only by people who say they are “in-the-likeness-of-God,” and not by Him, Who created people and these other beings of different form whom they destroy, as they fancy, for His pleasure and satisfaction.

“ ‘For Him there is no difference between the life of men and the life of beings of any other form.

“ ‘Man is life, and the beings of other exterior forms are life.

“ ‘It is most wisely foreseen by Him that Nature should adapt the difference of exterior form of beings in accordance with those conditions and circumstances under which the process of existence of various forms of life are pre-ordained to flow.

“ ‘Take yourself as an example; with your internal and external organs, could you go now and jump into the water and swim like a fish?

“ ‘Of course not, because you have neither the “gills,” “fins,” nor “tail” a fish has, that is, a life which is preordained to exist in such a sphere as “water.”

“ ‘If it occurred to you to go and jump into the water, you would instantly choke and drop to the bottom and become hors d’oeuvre for those same fishes, who, in that sphere, proper for them, would naturally be infinitely stronger than you.

“ ‘It is the same with the fishes themselves; could one
of them now come to us, sit with us at this table and drink in our company the “Green tea” we are now drinking?