Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent on to the Planet Earth

“ ‘But what has the existence of another being, which you destroy, to do with this, and, moreover, one whose existence you destroy in the name of its CREATOR?

“ ‘Is not that “life” just the same as yours for the CREATOR Who created you as well as this other being?

“ ‘Thanks to your psychic strength and cunning, that is to say, to those data, proper to you, with which our same COMMON CREATOR has endowed you for the perfecting of your Reason, you profit by the psychic weakness of other beings and destroy their existence.

“ ‘Do you understand, you unfortunate creature, what—in an objective sense—an indeed evil deed you commit by this?

“ ‘Firstly, by destroying the existence of other beings, you reduce for yourself the number of factors of that totality of results which alone can form the requisite conditions for the power of self-perfecting of beings similar to yourself; and secondly, you thereby definitely diminish or completely destroy the hopes of our COMMON FATHER CREATOR in those possibilities which have been put into you as a three-brained being and upon whom He counts, as a help for Him later.

“ ‘The obvious absurdity of such a terrible being-action is already clearly shown by your imagining that by destroying the existence of other beings, you do something pleasing just to that ONE who has intentionally created those beings also.

“ ‘Can it be that the thought has never even entered your head that if our COMMON FATHER CREATOR has created that same life also, then He probably did so for some definite purpose?

“ ‘Think,’ I told him further, ‘think a little, not as you have been accustomed to think during the whole of your existence, like a “Khorassanian-donkey,” but think a little honestly and sincerely, as it is proper to think for a being as you call yourself, “in-the-likeness-of-God.”