Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent on to the Planet Earth—p189 notes

thaumaturgist Aliman

… among them was one most celebrated, situated on a small mountain from whence a certain thaumaturgist Aliman was supposed once upon a time to have been ‘taken-alive’ up to ‘some-Heaven-or-other.’

This is unclear.  There are a number of stories, primarily from Jewish mysticism, of people ‘visiting heaven.’  Many of these exist in Christianity and Islam also.  None of them is called ‘Aliman.’

The word ‘aleman’ means ‘German.’

Thaumaturgist means ‘performer of miracles’ or ‘magician.’  This may, therefore, be a reference to one of the many new age religions based on Theosophy, which included mystic accounts of heaven: Ascended Masters, Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, The “I AM” Movement.