Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent on to the Planet Earth – p187 notes


Abdil (Arabicعبد ال) is another English form for the Arabic word “Abd-Al”, “Abd-El”, “Abd-ul” which means Servant of.


“On arriving there and after arranging the place of our permanent existence there, I first began visiting the ‘Kaltaani’ of the city Koorkalai, that is, those establishments there which on the continent Ashhark were later called ‘Chaihana,’ ‘Ashhana,’ ‘Caravanseray,’ and so on, and which the contemporary beings there, especially those breeding on the continent called ‘Europe,’ call ‘Cafes,’ ‘Restaurants,’ ‘Clubs,’ ‘Dance Halls,’ ‘Meeting Places,’ and so on.

… nowhere can one observe and study the specific peculiarities of the psyche of the beings of the locality so well as in just such gathering places of theirs;

What is this about?  What behaviour was he observing?  Is this perhaps about observing myself in ordinary life – when I interact with others, or observing the multiple inner relationships and activities?