The Arch-preposterous

“And further, having arisen in the planets in this way, the said various metalloids and metals then begin according to the common-universal-law called “Reciprocal-feeding-of-everything-existing”—as it is generally proper to arisings of every kind in which Okidanokh or any of its active parts participates—to radiate from their presences the results of their inner “Interchange-of-substances.” And as is proper to radiations of every kind issuing from sur- and intraplanetary formations that have acquired in their vibrations the property of Okidanokh or of its active parts, and which are in what is called the “center-of-gravity” of every such said formation, the radiations of these metalloids and metals possess properties almost similar to the properties of Okidanokh itself or of one or another of its active parts.

“ ‘When the said masses of different densities that have thus arisen in planets under normal surrounding conditions radiate from their common presences the vibrations required for the said World-law of Reciprocal-feeding-of-everything-existing, then, among these vibrations of various properties there is established, owing to the fundamental World-law “Troemedekhfe,” a reciprocally acting contact.

“ ‘And the result of this contact is the chief factor in the gradual change of the various densities in planets.

“ ‘My observations over many years have almost fully convinced me that it is owing only to the said contact and its results that there is actualized the “Stability-of-harmonious-equilibrium-of-planets.”

“ ‘This metal red-copper which I have placed in the sphere of my proposed artificial actualization of the action of the active parts of Okidanokh, has at this moment what is called a “specific-density,” reckoning from the unit of density of the sacred element Theomertmalogos, of 444, that is to say, the atom of this metal was 444 times more dense, and as much less vivifying, than the atom of the sacred Theomertmalogos.