The Arch-preposterous

The part of Gornahoor Harharkh’s new invention which he himself called the Hrhaharhtzaha and regarded as the most important was in appearance very much like the ‘Tirzikiano’ or, as your favorites would say, a ‘huge-electric-lamp.’

“The interior of this special structure was rather like a smallish room with a door that could be hermetically closed.

“The walls of this original construction were made of a certain transparent material, the appearance of which reminded me of that which on your planet is called ‘glass.’

“As I learned later, the chief particularity of this said transparent material was that, although by means of the organ of sight beings could perceive through it the visibility of every kind of cosmic concentration, yet no rays of any kind, whatever the causes they may have arisen from, could pass through it, either from within out or from without in.

“As I looked at this part of this said astonishing being-invention, I could through its transparent walls clearly distinguish inside in the center what seemed to be a table and two chairs; hanging above the table, what is called an ‘electric-lamp’; and underneath it three ‘things’ exactly alike, each resembling the ‘Momonodooar.’

“On the table and by the side of it, stood or lay several different apparatuses and instruments unknown to me.

“Later it became clear that the said objects contained in this Hrhaharhtzaha, as well as everything we had later to put on, were made of special materials invented by this Gornahoor Harharkh.

“And as regards these materials also, I shall explain a little more in detail at the proper time in the course of my further explanations concerning Gornahoor Harharkh.