The Arch-absurd

“This latter process proceeds in beings absolutely without the participation of their consciousness.

“In both cases when Okidanokh enters into the presence of a being and the process of Djartklom proceeds in it, then each of its fundamental parts blends with those perceptions which correspond with it according to what is called ‘Kindred-vibrations’ and which are present in the being at the moment, and further, these parts are concentrated upon the corresponding localization, that is, upon the corresponding brain.

“And these blendings are called ‘being-Impulsakri.’

“It is necessary to notice further that these localizations or brains in beings serve not only as apparatuses for the transformation of corresponding cosmic substances for the purposes of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, but also as the means for beings whereby their conscious self-perfecting is possible.

“This latter aim depends upon the quality of the presence of the ‘being-Impulsakri’ concentrated, or, as is otherwise said, deposited, upon the said corresponding being-brains.

“Concerning the qualities of being-Impulsakri, there is among the direct commandments of our ALL-EMBRACING ENDLESSNESS even a special commandment, which is very strictly carried out by all three-brained beings of our Great Universe, and which is expressed in the following words:
‘Always guard against such perceptions as may soil the purity of your brains.’