The Arch-absurd

Chapter XVII

The Arch-absurd

According to the Assertion of Beelzebub, Our Sun Neither Lights nor Heats

IN ORDER, my dear Hassein, that you should meanLwhile have an approximate representation also of just how far that function called ‘the instinctive sensing of reality,’ which is proper to every three-brained being of the whole of our Great Universe, is already entirely lacking in the presences of the three-centered beings breeding on the planet Earth, and especially in those of the most recent periods, it will be enough, to begin with, I think, if I explain to you only about how they understand and explain to themselves the causes why there periodically proceed on their planet those cosmic phenomena which they call ‘daylight,’ ‘darkness,’ ‘heat,’ ‘cold,’ and so on.

“All, without exception, of the three-brained beings of that planet who have attained the age of a responsible being, and even those many and various wiseacrings’ existing there which they call ‘sciences,’ are categorically certain that all the said phenomena arrive on their planet completely, so to say, ready-made, ‘d-i-r-e-c-t-ly from their own Sun and as Mullah Nassr Eddin would say in such cases, ‘no more hokeypokey about it.’

“What is most peculiar, in this case, is that, except for certain beings who existed before the second Transapalnian perturbation there, absolutely no doubt whatever concerning this certainty of theirs, has ever, as yet, crept into a single one of them.