The Relative Understanding of Time

“Now it must be further noticed that you, as a three-brained being who arose on the planet Karatas, are at
the present time still only a boy of twelve years, and in respect of Being and of Reason, you are exactly like a boy of twelve on the planet Earth who has not yet been formed and who is not yet cognizant of himself—through which being-age all the three-brained beings arising there also live during the process of their growing up to the Being of a responsible being.

“All the ‘features’ of the whole of your psyche—what are called your ‘character,’ ‘temperament,’ ‘inclinations,’ and, in short, all the particularities of your psyche which are manifested exteriorly—are exactly the same as those of a still immature and pliant three-brained being there of the age of twelve years.

“And so, it follows from all that has been said that although according to our time-calculations you are still only like a boy of twelve there on the planet Earth who is not yet formed and not yet cognizant of himself, yet according to their subjective understanding and their being-sensations of the flow of Time, you have already existed by their time-calculation, not twelve years but the whole of four thousand six hundred and sixty-eight years.

“Thanks to all I have said, you will have material for the clarification of certain of those factors which were later the cause that the average proper normal duration of their existence began gradually to diminish and that it has now already become in the objective sense almost ‘nothing.’

“Strictly speaking, this gradual diminution of the average length of the existence of the three-brained beings of that ill-fated planet, which has finally brought the whole of the duration of their existence to ‘nothing,’ did not have one cause but many and very varied causes.

“And among these many and varied causes the first and the chief one is of course that Nature had to adapt Herself correspondingly gradually to change their presences to those they now have.