The Relative Understanding of Time

“For the entire process of the existence of these infinitesimal beings of this smallest world, Time of a definite proportionate duration also ensues from all the surrounding phenomena which are manifested in the given ‘cosmic-scale.’

“For them also, Time of definite length is required for the processes of their arising and formation as well as for various events in the process of their existence up to their complete final destruction.

“In the whole course of the process of existence of the beings of this drop of water also, corresponding sequential definite what are called ‘passages’ of the flow of Time are also required.

“A definite time is required for their joys and for their sorrows, and, in short, for every other kind of indispensable being-experiencing, down to what are called ‘runs-of-bad-luck,’ and even to ‘periods-of-thirst-for-self-perfection.’

“I repeat, among them also, the process of the flow of Time has its harmonious sequence, and this sequence ensues from the totality of all the phenomena surrounding them.

“The duration of the process of the flow of Time is generally perceived and sensed in the same way by all the aforementioned cosmic Individuals and by the already completely formed what are called ‘instinctivized’ units but only with that difference which ensues from the difference in the presences and states, at the given moment, of these cosmic arisings.

“It must be noticed, however, my boy, that though for separate individuals existing in any independent cosmic unit, their definition of the flow of Time is not objective in the general sense, yet nevertheless for them themselves it acquires a sense of objectivity since the flow of Time is perceived by them according to the completeness of their own presence.