The Relative Understanding of Time

“A ‘year’ has twelve ‘months.’

“A ‘month’ has an average of thirty ‘days,’ that is, diurnities.

“Further, they divide their diurnity into twenty-four ‘hours’ and an ‘hour’ into sixty ‘minutes.’

“And a ‘minute’ they divide into sixty ‘seconds.’

“But as in general, my boy, you do not yet know of the exceptional peculiarity of this cosmic phenomenon Time, you must first be told that genuine Objective Science formulates this cosmic phenomenon thus:

“Time in itself does not exist; there is only the totality of the results ensuing from all the cosmic phenomena present in a given place.

“Time itself, no being can either understand by reason or sense by any outer or inner being-function. It cannot even be sensed by any gradation of instinct which arises and is present in every more or less independent cosmic concentration.

“It is possible to judge Time only if one compares real cosmic phenomena which proceed in the same place and under the same conditions, where Time is being constated and considered.

“It is necessary to notice that in the Great Universe all phenomena in general, without exception wherever they arise and manifest, are simply successively law-conformable ‘Fractions’ of some whole phenomenon which has its prime arising on the ‘Most Holy Sun Absolute.’

“And in consequence, all cosmic phenomena, wherever they proceed, have a sense of ‘objectivity.’

“And these successively law-conformable ‘Fractions’ are actualized in every respect, and even in the sense of their involution and evolution, owing to the chief cosmic law, the sacred ‘Heptaparaparshinokh.’