The First Descent of Beelzebub upon the Planet Earth

“The subjects of that community—principally, of course, those in whom the said consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer had already been crystallized—not only ceased to pay into King Appolis’ treasury what was required, but they even began gradually snatching back what had been put in before.

“As our countryman had undertaken to contribute what was needed and, furthermore, had signed his undertaking with his blood—and you know, don’t you, what the voluntary undertaking of an obligation, especially when signed with his blood, means to one of our tribe—he had of course soon to begin making up to the treasury all that was short.

“He first put in everything he had himself, and afterwards everything he could get from his nearests, dwelling also there on the planet Earth. And when he had drained dry his nearests there, he addressed himself for assistance to his nearests dwelling on the planet Mars.

“But soon on the planet Mars also everything ran dry and still the treasury of the city of Samlios demanded more and again more; nor was the end of its needs in sight.

“It was just then that all the kinsmen of this countryman of ours became alarmed and thereupon they decided to address themselves to me with the request to help them out of their plight.

“So, my boy, when we arrived in the said city I was met by all the beings of our tribe, both old and young, who had remained on that planet.

“In the evening of the same day a general meeting was called to confer together to find some way out of the situation that had arisen.

“To this conference of ours there was also invited King Appolis himself with whom our elder countrymen had already previously had many talks on this matter with this aim in view.