The First Descent of Beelzebub upon the Planet Earth

“The city ‘Samlios’ was then a very large city, and was the capital of the largest community then on the planet Earth.

“In this same city the head of this large community existed who was called ‘King Appolis.’

“And it was with just this same King Appolis that our young, inexperienced countryman had become involved.

“And it was in this city of ‘Samlios’ itself that I learned all the details of this affair.

“I learned, namely, that before this incident our unfortunate countryman had for some reason been on friendly terms with this King Appolis, and was often at his house.

“As it transpired, our young countryman once, in the course of conversation during a visit to the house of King Appolis, made a ‘wager’ which was just the cause of all that followed.

“You must first of all know that both the community of which King Appolis was the head and the city of Samlios where he existed were at that period the greatest and richest of all the communities and cities then existing on the Earth.

“For the upkeep of all this wealth and grandeur King Appolis certainly needed both a great deal of what is called ‘money’ and a great deal of labor from the ordinary beings of that community.

“It is necessary to premise just here that at the period of my first descent in person onto this planet, the organ Kundabuffer was no longer in the three-brained beings who interest you.

“And it was only in some of the three-brained beings there that various consequences of the properties of that for them maleficent organ had already begun to be crystallized.