The First Descent of Beelzebub upon the Planet Earth

“From all they told me I saw that the incident was disagreeable not only for this young being’s kinsmen, but that it might also prove disagreeable for the beings of all our tribe.

“So I could not help deciding at once to undertake to help them to settle this difficulty of theirs.

“At first I tried to help them while remaining on the planet Mars, but when I became certain that it would be impossible to do anything effective from the planet Mars, I decided to descend to the planet Earth and there, on the spot, to find some way out. The next day after this decision of mine, I took with me everything necessary which I had at hand and flew there on the ship Occasion.

“I may remind you that the ship Occasion was the ship on which all the beings of our tribe were transported to that solar system and, as I have already told you, it was left there for the use of the beings of our tribe for the purpose of interplanetary communication.

“The permanent port of this ship was on the planet Mars; and its supreme direction had been given me from Above.

“Thus it was on this same ship Occasion that I made my first descent to the planet Earth.

“Our ship landed on this first visit of mine, on the shores of just that continent which during the second catastrophe to this planet, disappeared entirely from its surface.

“This continent was called ‘Atlantis’ and most of the three-brained beings, and likewise most of the beings of our tribe, then existed only upon it.

“Having descended, I went straight from the ship Occasion to the city named ‘Samlios,’ situated on the said continent, where that unfortunate being of our tribe, who was the cause of this descent of mine, had the place of his existence.