The Beginnings of Perspectives Promising Nothing Very Cheerful

Having said this, Beelzebub was thoughtful, and this time longer than usual, and then, turning again to his grandson, he said:

“I see that the three-brained beings arising and existing on the peculiar planet called Earth interest you very much, and as during our voyage on the ship Karnak we shall have willy-nilly to talk about many things just to pass away the time, I will tell you all I can just about these three-brained beings.

“I think it will be best for your clear understanding of the strangeness of the psyche of the three-brained beings arising on the planet Earth if I relate to you my personal descents to that planet in their order, and the events which occurred there during these descents of mine, of which I myself was a witness.

“I personally visited the surface of the planet Earth six times in all, and each of these personal visits of mine was brought about by a different set of circumstances.

“I shall begin with my first descent.”