The Beginnings of Perspectives Promising Nothing Very Cheerful


The Beginnings of Perspectives Promising Nothing Very Cheerful

 MUST tell you first that the three-brained beings on that planet also had in the beginning presences similar to those possessed in general by all what are called ‘Keschapmartnian’ three-centered beings arising on all the corresponding planets of the whole of our great Universe; and they also had the same, as it is called, ‘duration of existence’ as all the other three-brained beings.

“All the various changes in their presences began for the most part after the second misfortune occurred to this planet, during which misfortune the chief continent of that ill-fated planet, then existing under the name ‘Atlantis,’ entered within the planet.

“And from that time on, as little by little they created for themselves all sorts of conditions of external being-existence thanks to which the quality of their radiations went steadily from bad to worse, Great Nature was compelled gradually to transform their common presences by means of various compromises and changes, in order to regulate the quality of the vibrations which they radiated and which were required chiefly for the preservation of the wellbeing of the former parts of that planet.

“For the same reason, Great Nature gradually so increased the numbers of the beings there that at the present time they are now breeding on all the lands formed on that planet.

“The exterior forms of their planetary bodies are all made alike, and of course in respect of size and in their other subjective particularities, they are each coated, just as we are, in accordance with the reflection of heredity, with the conditions at the moment of conception and with the other factors that serve in general as the causes for the arising and formation of every being.