The First “Growl”

“And this occurred because some of the power-possessing beings of this community, usually with pockets full of money, still continued in their turn to go to other communities where ‘roulette’ and ‘baccarat’ proceeded and, carrying on their discussion there concerning this writer, they gradually infected the beings of other communities also with this affair.

“In short, owing to the strangeness of their psyche, it has gradually come about there that even at the present time, when this writer’s ‘Gospel’ has been long forgotten, his name is known almost everywhere as that of an ‘excellent writer.’

“Anything he writes now, they all seize upon and regard as full of indisputable truth.

“Everybody today looks upon his writings with the same veneration with which the ancient Kalkians there listened to the predictions of their sacred ‘Pythoness.’

“It is interesting to notice here that if at the present time you ask any being there about this writer, he would know him and of course speak of him as an extraordinary being.

“But if you were then to ask what he wrote, it would turn out that most of them, if of course they confessed the truth, had never read a single one of his books.

“All the same they would talk about him, discuss him, and of course splutteringly insist that he was a being with an ‘extraordinary mind’ and phenomenally well acquainted with the psyche of the beings dwelling on the planet Earth.”