Health Resource FAQs

What is the purpose of this Health Resource?

The primary purpose is to make information available that will be useful to those who wish to manage their own health. The concept behind it is self-health.

It is intended to provide useful and useable information, some of which may simply fall under the heading of good being habits and some of which are preventive medicine. It offers only information and advice.

How is this related to the Gurdjieff Work?

The primary connection is that some of the health ideas discussed here come directly from Gurdjieff’s writings or things that he is reported as saying. However, they are not confined to that. Additionally, this health resource is organized in a manner that reflects the idea of there being three foods.

Who provides the information?

Some members of the Austin Gurdjieff Society have been gathering and sharing information on health privately for many years. The initial set of health information posted to this site came from that resource. Since the creation of this resource, other people have made contributions.

Can I contribute?

There is a form (click here to view) that allows members to contribute information to the site.

There is a Forum (click here to view) which can be used as a means of discussing any of the information here. If any useful information is added to it we will include it in the information resource.

Why is there a membership scheme for this?

We need to be able to contact and interact with anyone who provides information. We curate the information here and if someone makes a contribution we may need to discuss the details with them. The membership scheme provides us with the information to do that. However, membership is free. Click here to register.

Do you recieve commissions?

Never is any of the information we provide sponsored. When we provide links to specific practitioners or useful websites, it is for informational reasons only. It never constitutes a recommendation.

In general, this resource is about self-health. It is up to the individual, should they conclude that they need the assistance of a practitioner, to find an appropriate one themselves.