Karatas (Beelzebub’s planet of origin.)

Kara = Turkish, black
tas =  Turkish, stone

So, possibly black stone (but seems unlikely).

Possibly also… from Latin caritas, “costliness; esteem, affection,” from carus “dear, valued.” The problem is with the ‘i’ instead of ‘a.’

Curiously, Karatas (see above photo) is a city on the Mediterranean Sea, 47 km from Adana. Historically it is a district of Izimir with an elevator built in 1907. The elevator looks like a rocket launching tower. On the touristic site of Izmir, Karatas is called the “center of tolerance”.

The elevator, which is connected by a 155-step staircase, is a street elevator realized with the aim of facilitating transportation between the two axes by connecting the upper and lower parts of the district, Mithatpaşa Street and Şehit Nihat Bey Street. The Jewish community preferred to expand vertically rather than horizontally.