Year 223 — 1921 by our time calculation

Theosophical reduction of 223 = 7, of 1921 = 4.

223 is the number of stones of Karahunj (Carahunge), a megalithic site in Armenia (see above and See Wikipedia). Controversial researches estimates the age at 5500 BC.

1921 does not appear to have been a particularly important year for Gurdjieff. He founded his institute in Georgia in 1919 and it acquired a permanent home at the Prieuré in 1922.

Neither does it seem that there were any dramatic world events.

From the Chronicle of Human History and the  Chronicle of the 20th Century, we learn:
24 Jan: Paris Conference of Allies opened; set total reparation payments from Germany at 226 billion 226,000,000 (currency) in 42 annual installments. In case of non-payment, occupation of the Ruhr, confiscation of customs duties and postponement of evacuation of the Rhineland in DE Storm of indignation. By inflation = 3 000 000 000 Mark – idea of GB and FR to make up for deep debt to USA, also the financial ruin experienced by the population as a result of the war.
15 Feb. Civil war in Ireland; In Russia, factories close due to lack of materials.
25 Feb. Georgia becomes a Soviet republic after Soviet intervention (until 1991), having declared independence and a democratic republic on 26 May 1918.
28 Apr. Workers’ riots in Kronstadt and Petrograd, Russia.
8 Mar. Allies occupy Düsseldorf and Duisburg because Germans refuse to pay reparations
18 Mar Sailors’ Uprising
20 Mar Communist uprisings in central Germany (Saxony)
7 Apr. Independence of South China
11 Apr: death in the exile of ex-casis Auguste Viktoria, wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II (was very popular)
15 Apr: GB miners, railroad and transport workers strike -> military
2 May Uprising in Poland (the 3rd!)
5 May ultimatum to German Reich reparation payments (454 billion Reichsmark and bonds) -> accepted due to pressure to lose Upper Silesia
May 5 Military parade and celebrations in Paris for the 100th anniversary of Napoleon’s death
June 2 Tagore reads in Berlin, is also invited by Hermann Graf Keyserling to Darmstadt
July 1 Foundation of the CP China (Mao Tse Tung present)
July 29 Adolf Hitler becomes chairman of the NSDAP
August 2 Lenin has to ask foreign countries for help for starving Russia
Oct. 5 Foundation of the PEN Club in London (bon-ton-literary! see Bio pic of Stefan Zweig)
Nov. 12 Hall battle in the Hofbräuhaus – Hitler appoints Sturmabteilung SA (storm division)