Abram Yelov


In Serbian, иелов means man. Clearly Yelov represents the thinking center which is characteristic of man alone in Nature. The Old Testament mentions Elah, the father of Shimei, one of King Solomon’s guardians over Israel in the land of Benjamin. The personal name Ela means “oak”, in figurative sense “strong, strong.” And the Hebrew word “el”, “el”, which is part of several geographical names (Iftah-El, Migdal-El), can be translated as “God’s—so Yelov (Elov) may also imply “belonging to God.”


In Hebrew, the name Abram means “exalted father” and Abraham (with the added h) means “father of a multitude.” Both names represent what was possible for Abraham to become because of the covenant.

In respect of the triad thinking center—moving center—emotional center (father, son and holy ghost) the thinking center is the exalted father.