The Material Question

‘In all our dealings with them there was never once a situation, either with the Bolsheviks or the White Army volunteers, from which I could not find some way out.
‘Here I will add, by the way, that if at some time in the future the life of people should flow normally, and if there should then be specialists for investigating events similar to those which occurred in Russia, the various documents I have kept, which were issued to me by the two opposing sides for the protection of my interests and possessions, would furnish very instructive evidence of the extraordinary incidents that can occur during such mass psychoses.
‘ For example, among these numerous documents, there is one paper on one side of which is written:

The bearer, Citizen Gurdjieff, has the right to carry everywhere a revolver-calibre… number….
Certified by signature and seal affixed:
The President of the Soldiers’ and Workmen’s Deputies:
Place of issue: Essentuki
Date of issue:….

‘On the back of this paper is written:

A certain Gurdjieff is authorized to carry a revolver numbered as indicated on the reverse side.
Certified by signature and seal affixed:
For General Denikin: GENERAL HEYMAN
Issued in: Maikop
Date of issue:….

‘After tremendous efforts, surmounting numerous unexpected obstacles, we went through devastated Cossack villages, and finally got to Kumichki, the last inhabited place before the wilderness of the Caucasus Mountains. Beyond this point there were no passable roads.