Chapter 5

Mr. X or Captain Pogossian

SARKIS POGOSSIAN, or as now called. Mr. X. is at the present time the owner of several ocean steamers, one of which, cruising among his favourite places, between the Sunda and Solomon Islands, he commands himself.

By race an Armenian, he was born in Turkey, but spent his childhood n Transcaucasia, in the town of Kars. met Pogossian and became friends with him when he still young man, finishing his studies at the Theological Seminary of Echmiadzin and preparing for the priesthood.

Before I met him I had already heard about him through his parents, who lived in Kars not far from our house and often came to see my father. I knew that they had an only son who had formerly studied at the ‘Temagan Dprotz’ or Theological Seminary of Erivan, and at the Theological Seminary of Echmiadzin.

Pogossian’s parents were natives of Turkey, from the town of Erzerum and had moved to Kars: after i was taken by the Russians. His father was by profession a poïadji and his mother an embroideress in gold, specializing in breast-pieces and belts for djuppays Living very simply themselves, they spent all they had to give their son a good education.

Sarkis Pogossian rarely came to see his parents and I never had an opportunity to see him in Kars. My first meeting with him took place the first time I was in Echmiazdin. Before going there I returned to Kars for a short time to see my father, and the parents of Pogossian, learning that I would soon be leaving for Echmiadzin, asked me to take their son a small parcel of linen.