2nd/3rd Series Study Group FAQs

What is the Study Group Schedule?

Meetings take place every Tuesday, with the first meeting on Tuesday May 3rd.  Attendees are notified twice by email, once after the details from the prior meeting are posted, and again early on each Tuesday, the day of the Study Meeting.

There are two study groups, one for the EU and one for the US.

For Europe: Meetings are held at mid-day (12.00pm) Texas time, CST (UTC+06), which is 6.00pm UK time (UTC+0).

For the US: Meetings are held at 4.00pm Texas time, CST (UTC+06), which is 10.00pm UK time.

Is It Possible To Join The Study Group At Any Time?


The first few meetings are important because they include detailed presentations on aspects of reading The Second and Third Series. However, we also post the full video record of every meeting.

How Many Study Group Meetings Will There Be?

The 2nd/3rd Series Study Group is planned to run until both books (Meetings With Remarkable Men and Life Is Real Only Then When ‘I Am’) have been read from beginning to end. Consequently, there will be about 48 meetings spread over a year. Most meetings will cover roughly ten pages of the book.

If the demand is unexpectedly high we may form additional study groups. For example, we may try to cater to different time zones. Those who live in times zones that are inconvenient with the current schedule or simply cannot attend on Tuesdays please let us know your details via the contact form. If there is sufficient demand we will organize accordingly.

Will The Meetings Be Recorded?


We will do a video recording of every  meeting. This will be made available only to study group members. Members of the group may also take notes and we will publish all submitted notes.

What If I Miss A Meeting?

The video record and notes will be available so that those who miss a meeting can listen to the record and catch-up to some degree.

Similalry those who join many weeks or months after the start of this program will be able to view the record of all previous meetings .

As there is more than one meeting each week, those who are unable to attend one meeting may be able to attend the other.

Do I need To Have Read 2nd and 3rd Series?

We do not lay down any “qualification conditions” based on your reading experience of  the 2nd and 3rd Series—how could we enforce them?

Nevertheless, it will be far easier to profit from these meetings if you are familiar with the books and intend to read or re-read the sections to be studied, privately, before the meetings.

What information is provided for members?

Click this link to view a description of the additional information provided for members

Do You Provide/Sell Copies of The Tales?

We do not have the publishing rights to either the 2nd or 3rd Series, but both books are easily obtained from Amazon (2nd Series  or 3rd Series)

A free copy of a PDF of The Searchable Index to Beelzebub’s Tales in PDF form is provided to every meeting attendee. This ebook by Robin Bloor contains the full text of The Tales and also provides a comprehensive index to the whole book, which can easily be searched. 

Additionally, all subscribers are able to buy copies of the three volumes of To Fathom The Gist, The 1931 Manuscript to Beelzebub’s Tales and other books at a considerable discount. Click here for details.

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