⥫ Gurdjieff Oskiano ⥭

Session 1: October 26th 2023 (@12.00pm CST)


Objective Science and Modern Science

The Approriate Attitude


Robin Bloor

An important aspect of Gurdjieff’s teaching, perhaps the most important was his introduction of Objective Science. He taught the basics, and others (such as Ouspecnsky, Rodney Collin, Maurice Nicoll and Keith Buzzell picked it up and worked with it. However, few others did.

One sad reality with The Work is that many people who think of themselves as “in the Work” have superstitious beliefs in the meaningless and largely incorrect dogma of  modern science. This can be ascribed to suggestibility which is one of the chief features of our “civilization.”

This talk by Robin Bloor discusses the whole topic, examining the two distinct approaches to science: Objective Science (supposedly the product of higher mind) and modern science which has grown up like a tower of Babel.

The presentation ends with a discussion of the Electric Universe Theory which accords with the ideas that Gurdjieff taught and which will, hopefully, divert science into a path that will be more fruitful both for the common man and for those who pursue a spiritual path.