⥫ Gurdjieff Oskiano ⥭

Session 2: October 26th 2023 (@12.00pm CST)


Chartres Cathedral and The Work

A Holy Building


John Amaral

Chartres Cathedral is a bridge joining ancient knowledge with the Christian world. It’s an embodiment of ‘esoteric Christianity,’ a term Gurdjieff himself used to describe his teaching.

Thanks to insight provided by Agnes Hidveghy in her talk at the 2004 A&E Conference and a rich Roman Catholic upbringing, when we viewed Chartres after the Conference, I had an epiphany which set off a chain reaction linking many concepts which I had been studying separately, and which ultimately gave for me indubitable meaning to some fundamental sacramental elements of the Christian Church, and insight into our three bodies.

In this talk, I will discuss highlights of these links, among them: