The Gates of Hell

Consider the prayer: Holy God, Holy Immortal, Holy Firm, Have Mercy on us. (The Tales p752). What does it mean? And in particular what does “Holy Firm” mean?

The Holy Firm is the greatest denying force in the universe, the greatest opposition to the Holy Immortal. It is also the foundation on which all moons, planets and suns stand and described in The Tales p66, as follows:

“‘Everything existing in the World falls to the bottom. And the bottom for any part of the Universe is its nearest “stability,” and this said “stability” is the place or the point upon which all the lines of force arriving from all directions converge.

So The Holy Firm exists in a vast multitude of places – adjacent to the least vivifying points in the creation. As G says in In Search of the Miraculous (p323), the lowest square in the Diagram of Everything Living does not manifest on the surface of Earth and is in contact with The Holy Firm. He refers to the substance he calls H6144 as an incomplete Hydrogen. The text reads:

“It is an incomplete ‘hydrogen,’ he said. “A ‘hydrogen’ without the Holy Ghost. It belongs to the same, that is to the third, scale, but it is unfinished.

“Each complete ‘hydrogen’ is composed of ‘carbon,’ ‘oxygen,’ and ‘nitrogen.’ Now take the last ‘hydrogen’ of the third scale, ‘hydrogen’ 3072. This ‘hydrogen’ is composed of ‘carbon’ 512, ‘oxygen’ 1536, and ‘nitrogen’ 1024.

“Now further: ‘Nitrogen’ becomes ‘carbon’ for the next triad, but there is no ‘oxygen’ for it and no ‘nitrogen.’ Therefore by condensation it becomes itself ‘hydrogen’ 6144, but it is a dead hydrogen without any possibility of passing into anything further, a ‘hydrogen’ without the Holy Ghost.”

If you equate “Evil” with this H6144, then no matter what evil you can think of or imagine, there is nothing you can imagine as evil as this H6144. It is beyond our capability to envisage it.

In The Tales, when Beelzebub speaks of Lentrohamsanin as an Eternal Hasnammus Individual  – the text reads:

“As a result of his inner what is called ‘double-gravity- centered’ existence, the ‘highest being-part’ of the presence of this terrestrial three-brained being was coated and perfected up to the required gradation of Objective Reason, and later this ‘highest being-part’ became, as I have once already told you, one of those three hundred and thirteen ‘highest being-bodies’ who are called ‘Eternal-Hasnamuss-individuals’ and who have the place of their further existence in the Universe on a small planet existing under the name of ‘Eternal-Retribution.’

Deductively, we can assume that this “Eternal-Retribution” is composed of H6144 and is in contact with The Holy Firm. For this is the only Hydrogen that has no possibility of evolution.

Just as Holy God is in contact with those individuals who have perfected themselves and are in contact with the Sun Absolute there must be corresponding Hasnammus individuals that surround The Holy Firm.

The tales suggests, but does not explicitly state that in the creation the Absolute divides himself between two “absolute levels of vibration,” – one which one might call the highest and the other, the lowest.  According to the Tales, he does this knowingly and hence he is aware of it. It is interesting to note that the Jewish Sefer Yetzirah tells a very similar story about the creation.

This lays bare the sorrow of our Endlessness.