The Veins of Mankind

Increasing evidence suggests that the universe is interconnected by plasma flows, ionic matter that moves between galactic clusters, galaxies, solar systems, and even between planets and moons. This view challenges the long-standing assumption that gravity is the primary organizing force of the universe, and instead points to electromagnetism as the key force.

The Electromagnetic Universe

Some will argue that this should have been obvious from the get-go, after all the electromagnetic force is vastly more powerful than the force of gravity – by many orders of magnitude –  in the region of 10 to the power 36 more powerful. If you want to explore what that actually means consider the gravitational force between two objects that are one mile apart. If the two objects are oppositely charged then the electromagnetic force of attraction between the two will be roughly the same as gravity if the two objects are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles apart – in light years that’s roughly 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. But the universe itself, using current estimates, is only 94,000,000,000 light years in diameter. 

Of course, that’s conceptual. The problem that threw the astrophysicists a curve ball was the motion of galaxies. It became utterly clear that galactic motion could not be explained at all by gravity and so they invented something that didn’t exists (and by definition would be impossible to detect) called dark matter (of which there had to be a lot more than undark matter). They ignored the possibility of the vastly more powerful electromagnetic force being involved.

And yet here we are, with ever-mounting irrefutable evidence of electric flow from galactic cluster to galactic cluster, from sun to sun and so on.

The Anode and The Cathode

The question that the proponents of the Electric Universe have yet to address is the problem of The Anode and The Cathode.

If there is a complex electric flow spanning the universe then it would in time, inevitably run down. It would be subject to entropy, as voltage differences everywhere were gradually diminished and eliminated by electric flow. Indeed, irrespective of how such a flow were created in the first place, we would have to contemplate the possibility of a future for the universe that was cold and dark and lifeless,… unless.

Unless, there is an ultimate Cathode and an Ultimate Anode.

In The Work we would likely suggest (as indicated in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson and as implied by the Ray of Creation) that the ultimate Cathode is our ENDLESSNESS, and the ultimate Anode is the Holy Firm, which exists at the center of suns, planets and moons.

Thus the deliberate separation by the Absolute into two holy aspects, Holy Immortal and Holy Firm, was and continues to be, the act of creation.