Sketch of Jane Heap (from photo)

The just-published book of Sayings From The Gurdjieff Work  includes a chapter of maxims from Jane Heap, most of which were gathered from here notes. Jane had a memorable and often profound way of expressing herself.  Here are twenty of her utterances, all of which are likely to catch the ear.

Roll your triangle.

As you are, you are a senile foetus!

Only the boring are bored.

You cannot be a leader if you consider. If you consider you ruin the other person.

Beware of charm.

The essence is in the emotions but not of them. The “I” is in the essence but not of it.

What we usually think of as a relationship is actually an attachment.

Three parts to every job: preparation, doing it, cleaning up.

Love your enemies – they may tell you the truth.

As soon as you see it you have accepted the responsibility.

The state of your room reflects the state of your mind.

Few of us need what we want – few of us want what we need. What we need the sun needs – what we want the moon wants.

Something in ourselves can never be deceived.

Women can’t be women because men won’t be men.

Never explain – never complain.

People go straight from being infantile to being senile with no pause to be adult.

All excuses are lies.

One’s moods are one’s weather.

Do not work against the Resisting Force but with it.

Hope without effort is a curse.