Issue #17 November 2022

“All creation, all forms of art, were originally instruments of knowledge.”


Accident, Karma, Fate, Will

False personality, the false idea of oneself that we gradually assemble as we grow, falls under the law of accident. This means that if one’s life is governed by false personality, it is entirely driven by external events which it responds to automatically, without thought. As such it is the inevitable victim of whatever its circumstances are at any point in time. It has no fate. Fate is far above it. His being attracts an entirely accidental life.

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In In Search of the Miraculous Gurdjieff is quoted as saying “Ordinary efforts do not count. Only super-efforts count.” He then explains …

“A very important role in the human machine is played by a certain kind of accumulator. There are two small accumulators near each center filled with the particular substance necessary for the work …

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The Straying Camel


Beelzebub refers to self-calming as our inner ‘Evil-God.’ As with many things in The Tales self-calming is mentioned several times—being introduced on page 104 in the following way, when Beelzebub is discussing suggestibility. He says:

“Concerning all this it must be said that neither the organ Kundabuffer which their ancestors had is to blame, nor its consequences which, owing to a mistake on the part of certain Sacred Individuals, were crystallized in their  …

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Pomegranate Laughter

When you go to buy a pomegranate
Choose the one that’s laughing, the one with the split rind,
For its laughter reveals the seeds within.

Blessed is the pomegranate’s laughter.
lt gives voice to the heart inside, just as
The cracked shell of the spirit reveals the pearl within.

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