Issue #16 October 2022

“Awakening begins when a man realizes that he is going nowhere and does not know where to go.”


The Germans

“Now, my boy, wishing to give you a certain understanding of the peculiar psyche of the three-brained beings of this contemporary European grouping also, I will this time change my practice, namely, of initiating you into various details for elucidating information, but will set you such a problem that from the solving of it you will…

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The Secrets of The Self

Life is preserved by purpose:
Because of the goal its caravan-bell tinkles.
Life is latent in seeking, Its origin is hidden in desire.
Keep desire alive in thy heart,
Lest thy little dust become a tomb.
Desire is the soul of this world of hue and scent,

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The Wrong Work Of Centers

Self-observation will very quickly show us that our mental life is much richer than we think, or in any case that it contains more possibilities than we think.

At the same time as we watch the work of the centers we shall observe, side by side with their right working, their wrong working, …

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The Straying Camel

The Perils of Perfectionism

What is wrong with striving for perfection? Aren’t we encouraged to strive to do our best, to always improve, to learn from our mistakes, to try not to commit the same errors a second time?

As a psychotherapist, I recognized that one of the frequent sources of stress, …

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