Issue #14 July/August 2022

Never will he understand the sufferings of another, who has not experienced them himself, though he have divine Reason and the nature of a genuine devil!


The Trogoautoegocrat

When I first encountered the concept Trogoautoegocrat I thought of it simplistically. Sure, reciprocal feeding. Sure everything feeds on something. And that’s (maybe) how the whole universe works.

Bear and Salmon
The bear in the photo eats many things, of course, but when the season of salmon run begins

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Hopi Sun-Christening

High aloft you are held to the dawn,
To feel the sun’s first rays.
The welcoming god will come,
Out of the underworld,
To greet you, to bathe, to engulf you
Straining the brown arms
of your grandmother.

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Exploring the Mystery of Attention

There is a deep level of mystery that is discernible even is in ordinary life. We can occasionally realize “what we are thinking,” occasionally recognize we are “lying to ourselves,” see our “daydreams,” experience an insight that shifts our orientation.
Something lies within our psychological experience that appears to operate from beyond the conditioned

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The Straying Camel

Pogossian: The Captain

Sarkis Pogossian, or as he is now called, Mr. X, is at the present time the owner of several ocean steamers, one of which, cruising among his favourite places, between the Sunda and Solomon Islands, he commands himself.
It doesn’t take much reflection to conclude that Pogossian provides the allegorical characterization of the moving center. Despite his …

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