Issue #9 — February 2022

Men have mind and women have feelings more developed. Men must feel and women must think—both must be fused into one for real understanding.
~ Gurdjieff

The Hippocratic Oath

The Asklepieion is an ancient medical center on the island of Kos, that dates from the 3rd century BC. It was built in honor of the god of health and medicine, Asklepios, following the death of the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates. Hippocrates, usually referred to as the “Father of Medicine” is credited with the invention of many medical practices … Read more…


In The Tales, Gurdjieff writes about Kundalini as follows:

“Saint Buddha among other things explained to the beings of Pearl-land how and to what part of the body of their ancestors the said famous organ Kundabuffer had been attached. He told them that the Archangel Looisos had by a special means made this organ grow in their ancestors at the extremity of that brain which …Read more…

The March of Plasma

The picture, courtesy of the Hubble telescope, is of the Iris nebula—known as NGC 7023 to its intimate friends. It is roughly 1,300 light-years distant, and lives in the constellation Cepheus. Nebulae are believed to be clouds of dust and gas surrounding a hot star, that together comprise the remnants of a supernova. The pretty blue petals of the Iris Nebula span about six light-years.  Read more…

The Straying Camel

The Ears of King Midas

The god Pan was once so foolish as to compare his music with the divine music of Apollo. He even went so far as to challenge Apollo to a trial of music.

Apollo accepted at once. So Tmolus, the mountain-god agreed to act as judge and organized the contest in the shade of Mount Olympus. People came from all over Greece to listen and watch…Read more…