Issue #2 — May 2021

“Like what it does not like” ~ Gurdjieff


Some believe that kundabuffer was implanted by an operation carried out on mankind at the very beginning—when three-brained beings first peopled the planet Earth. It’s an opinion you could acquire if you take The Tales literally.
I suspect otherwise. What is written in The Tales… Read more…

What is Objective Science?

It is important to understand from the getgo that the basic tenets of objective science do not align with those of contemporary science. It needs to be accepted without compromise by those who wish to study and apply objective science.

We are suggestible. It is a human failing. Consequently, we are inclined, by habit… Read more…

Reading Skills and The Tales

“I have buried in this book certain bones, so that certain dogs with great curiosity and strong scent may dig down to them and, strange thing, when they have done so, are men.”

That’s the beguiling promise Gurdjieff made. Quite likely it is correct, but … Read more…

The Brothers Karamazov
[An Excerpt]

“How can you presume to do such deeds?” the monk asked suddenly, pointing solemnly and significantly at Lise. He was referring to her “healing.”

“It’s too early, of course, to speak of that. Relief is not complete cure, and may proceed from different causes. But if there has been any healing… Read more…