Issue #1 — April 2021

“There is a cosmic law which says that every satisfaction must be paid for
with a dissatisfaction.”

The Gurdjieff Legacy

Gurdjieff has no precedent. This becomes crystal clear when we step back and take a comprehensive view of his legacy—the sum total of what he left behind for the world to ponder and explore. By any reasonable measure, it is extraordinary, in both its depth and its breadth… Read more…

Objective Science 101

It is important to understand from the getgo that the basic tenets of objective science do not align with those of contemporary science. It needs to be accepted without compromise by those who wish to study and apply objective science.

We are suggestible. It is a human failing. Consequently, we are inclined, by habit… Read more…

How To Read The Tales

The aim of this series of articles is to provide the reader with information that may assist their efforts to profit from reading Gurdjieff’s collective writings. It is no secret that many people find Gurdjieff’s writings difficult. Significant effort is required even to read the First Series… Read more…

The Straying Camel

The Camel Seeker

If you have lost a camel and sought it busily, how could you not know, when you find it, that it is yours?

What is that straying camel?

You have lost a she-camel: she has fled from your herd into a veil of concealment. The caravaneers have begun to load, whilst you are running about… Read more…