What is the Study Group Schedule?

‘You can view the schedule by clicking on this link. It takes you to this site’s Events Calendar. Initially, we have only scheduled study group meetings until the end of the year. seminars. We will add more when December comes around.

How Many Study Group Meetings Will There Be?

The Tales Study Group is planned to run until the book has been read from beginning to end. Consequently, there will be about 120 meetings spread over two and a half years. Most meetings will cover roughly ten pages of the book.

If the demand is unexpectedly high we may form other study groups. We may also do so to cater to different time zones. Those who live in times zones that are inconvenient with the current schedule or simply cannot attend on Wednesdays please let us knows:  click here to provide details.

Will The Meetings Be Recorded?


Whenever the meeting involves a presentation, we will do a video recording of the presentation component of the meeting. We may post it on YouTube. We will do a sound recording of the rest of the meeting and archive it. That part of the recording will not be posted publicly.


What If I Miss A Meeting?

The audio record we make of meetings is so that those who miss a meeting can listen to the record. We take the view that the Tales Study Group is private and hence we will not post any record of the meeting conversation publicly.

Additionally, as we may initiate other reading groups, it might be possible for those who miss a meeting to catch the same reading in a different meeting.

Do I need To Have Read The Tales?

We do not lay down any “qualification conditions” based on your reading experience of The Tales—how could we enforce them?

Nevertheless, it will be far easier to profit from these meetings if you are familiar with the book and intend to read the sections to be studied, privately, before the meetings.

Do You Provide/Sell Copies of The Tales?

A free copy of a PDF of The Searchable Index to Beelzebub’s Tales is provided to every seminar attendee. This ebook by Robin Bloor contains the full text of The Tales and also provides an index to the whole book, which can easily be searched. 

Also, attendees will be able to buy copies of the three volumes of To Fathom The Gist and also The 1931 Manuscript to Beelzebub’s Tales at a considerable discount. Click here for details.

Is It Possible To Join This Study Group At Any Time?


The most important meetings are the first five, because in those meetings the concepts and techniques required for reading The Tales are discussed and explained. However, those educational components will be recorded and made available to anyone who joins the Study Group later in the program.