The Arousing of Thought – p24

Well, enough of “philologizing.” Let us return to the main task of this initial chapter, destined, among other things, on the one hand to stir up the drowsy thoughts in me as well as in the reader, and, on the other, to warn the reader about something.

And so, I have already composed in my head the plan and sequence of the intended expositions, but what form they will take on paper, I, speaking frankly, myself do not as yet know with my consciousness, but with my subconsciousness I already definitely feel that on the whole it will take the form of something which will be, so to say, “hot,” and will have an effect on the entirety of every reader such as the red pepper pods had on the poor Transcaucasian Kurd.

Now that you have become familiar with the story of our common countryman, the Transcaucasian Kurd, I already consider it my duty to make a confession and hence before continuing this first chapter, which is by way of an introduction to all my further predetermined writings, I wish to bring to the knowledge of what is called your “pure waking consciousness” the fact that in the writings following this chapter of warning I shall expound my thoughts intentionally in such sequence and with such “logical confrontation,” that the essence of certain real notions may of themselves automatically, so to say, go from this “waking consciousness”—which most people in their ignorance mistake for the real consciousness, but which I affirm and experimentally prove is the fictitious one—into what you call the subconscious, which ought to be in my opinion the real human consciousness, and there by themselves mechanically bring about that transformation which should in general proceed in the entirety of a man and give him, from his own conscious mentation, the results he ought to have, which are proper to man and not merely to single- or double-brained animals.


The plan and sequence of my intended expositions I have already composed in my “swollen” head, but into what form they will mould themselves upon paper, I frankly confess that I myself do not know with my consciousness, though with the total result of the functioning of my instinct I already definitely feel that on the whole it will all mould itself into “something” so to say “hot,” and will have an effect on the common presence of every reader like that which the “red-pepper-pods” had on the poor Transcaucasian Kurd.

Thanks to the data crystallized in me which long ago became the main lever of my individuality, and about which I wish just now to inform you, I shall of course touch in my proposed writings upon questions not only of the everyday life of people, already so to say regularized on the Earth—an everyday life, it must be said, contracted—of course only in my opinion—to the point of wretchedness—but I shall also touch upon questions from which there must inevitably arise unusual sensations and uncommon picturings in all your separate relatively independent parts, which parts the ancient sages characterized as “falsely-ascribing-initiative-to-themselves”; namely, in your thoughts, your feelings, and simply in your body. The process of the beneficent Armagnac proceeding at the present moment in my common presence bids me confess to you and warn you that owing to the aforementioned data, the whole of my common presence, in the present period of my life, namely, just when from causes not dependent on me, I have now to become a professional writer, is already such that even with the whole of my mental categorical decision and desire, and with the help of all my separately spiritualized and independent parts—those educated of themselves as well as those educated intentionally by my own will, just that will of mine which flows from and is based exclusively only on my Pure Reason—which parts constitute in me as well as in you this common presence of mine—I cannot do otherwise than as the most exalted great terrestrial sage Mullah Nassr Eddin would say, “tangle-and-entangle” the whole of you, or as he also sometimes says, “put-you-in-galoshes,” in full face of the fact that I am counting on your help, or rather on your money, which I shall receive thanks to your purchase of writings; for the full possibility of accomplishing even with a “flourish,” my self-imposed and perhaps from your point of view, purely egoistic aim.