The Tales Alphabetic Notes Index

A – L



223 — 1921 by our time calculation, Year, 51

389, three hundred and eighty-nine, 128

49, forty-nine, 128

4668, four thousand six hundred and sixty-eight years, 129


aflame, that his eyes were streaming with tears 20

Aieioiuoa, 141

ALL and Everything, 0

“An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man.” 0

ancient Toulousites, 3

and whether these circumstances arose accidentally or were created intentionally by extraneous forces, I myself do not yet know 4

arising, his, 51

Assooparatsata, 51

as if, ii

as is said, 3

at least, ii

at that moment, through the hole made in the windowpane by our crazy lame goat, there poured the vibrations of sound which arose in the neighbor’s house from an Edison phonograph, and the midwife had in her mouth a lozenge saturated with cocaine of German make, and moreover not “Ersatz,” and was sucking this lozenge to these sounds without the proper enjoyment 8

at the moment of my appearance on God’s Earth 8



biped destroyers of Nature’s good 5

“blessing” 6

bombastically 6

bon ton literary language 6

bosom of Great Nature 20

by centuries rooted in him, i


center of gravity 7

circumstances independent of his own essence, 51

Colic, 38

common, 3

common presence, 3

conditions not proper to his nature, 51

constrain 4

courage not customary to him 19

Criticism, 0

Cyanic Acid, 56


diurnity/diurnities, 122

disease 7

Divine-Love, 124


emanation, 142

every kind of pimple 7

everything existing in the world, i

everything without exception in the Universe is material 138

exhalations of industrial towns 20

expatiate 4

Eureka! 5


Four books, i

fruit 19


gifts of Great Nature 19



hapless biped 20

Heropass, 124

Herr Stumpsinschmausen 8

Hodja 9

hokeypokey, 134

horny finger 19

horror of horrors! 20

Hypochondriac, 127


“If you take then take!” 40

“ignorance” 7

illuminated from every side like an American advertisement 9

in no wise hysterical 6

Impartial, 0

impromptu, ii

inheritance 5

Irish Weathercock, 40


judicious 5


Karatas, 51

Krentonalnian, 121

Kurds, 19