“For instance, at the beginning of the contemporary European civilization one of these beings, a certain monk named Ignatius, who had formerly been an architect, attained even to the possibility of deciphering the hidden knowledge and useful information in the productions of almost all the branches of what was already called ‘ancient’ art, which had reached him from the Babylonian epoch.

“But when this monk Ignatius was about to share what is called this said ‘discovery’ of his with other beings there like himself, namely, with two of his what are called comrades, monks—together with whom he as a specialist had been sent by his Abbot for the purpose of directing the laying of what are called the ‘foundations’ of a temple, which later became famous—then, for some trifling rea- son ensuing from the consequences of one of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer crystallized in them called ‘envy,’ he was murdered while asleep and his planetary body was thrown into the water-space surrounding that small island on which it was proposed to erect the said temple.

“The said monk Ignatius arose and was formed for the Being of a responsible being, on the continent Europe; but when he reached the age of a responsible being, then with the aim of enriching himself with information concerning the profession which he had made the aim of his existence, namely, the profession there called ‘architecture,’ he left for the continent of Africa. And just he it was who entered as a monk into the ‘brotherhood’ which existed on that continent Africa, under the name of the ‘Truth Seekers’; and afterwards, when this brotherhood migrated to the continent Europe and increased, and when its brethren began to be called ‘Benedictines,’ he himself was already an ‘All-the-Rights-Possessing-Brother’ of this said brotherhood.