“Thanks chiefly to these two causes, almost all the consciously actualized results of the learned beings of the Babylonian epoch gradually disappeared from the surface of that ill-fated planet and at such a tempo that after three of their centuries scarcely any of them were left.

“It must also be noticed that, thanks to the second mentioned cause, there also gradually diminished and finally almost entirely ceased the employment of that new form— which had been established since Babylonian times—for the transmission of information and various fragments of knowledge to subsequent generations, through the beings they called ‘Initiates-of-Art.’

“About the disappearance there of just that practice of certain beings becoming Initiates-of-Art I know very well, because just before my departure forever from that planet I had to elucidate this very carefully for another aim of mine.

“And for the purpose of making this clear, I even specially prepared a very good ‘Tiklunia’ from among the beings there of the female sex and made these elucidations of mine through her.

“Tiklunias were formerly called there ‘pythonesses’ but contemporary ones are now called ‘mediums.’

“So then, I made it clear that there in most recent times only four of such beings, Initiates-of-Art, still remained by means of whose what is called ‘immediate-line-of-inheritance’ the keys to the understanding of the ancient art still continue to be transmitted, and this transmission by inheritance now proceeds there under very complex and arcane conditions.

“Of these four contemporary initiated beings, one comes from amongst those who are called ‘redskins’ who dwell on the continent America; another, from among the beings dwelling on what are called the Philippine Islands; the third, from the beings of the continent Asia, from the country called ‘The-Source-of-the-River-Pianje’; and the fourth and last, from amongst those who are called ‘Eskimos.’