“Try now to give your attention not to all the three- brained beings in general, nor to the other representatives of their contemporary art, but just to those who have become and have acquired the title of artists or actors.

“Every one of them really being in respect of genuine essence almost what is called a nonentity, that is, something utterly empty but enveloped in a certain visibility, they have gradually acquired such an opinion of themselves, by means of favorite exclamations always and everywhere repeated by them themselves like ‘genius,’ ‘talent,’ ‘gift,’ and still a number of other words empty also like themselves, that it is as if, among similar beings around them, only they have ‘divine origin,’ only they are almost ‘God.’

“Now listen and try to transubstantiate for use, at the proper time in the corresponding parts of your common presence, my really very practical advice.

“This practical advice of mine is that, if for some reason or other you should have to exist, particularly in the near future, among the three-brained beings of that planet Earth which has taken your fancy—I say in the near future, because the presences of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy and all the already fixed exterior conditions of their ordinary being-existence frequently degenerate—and if you should have some work or other there, proper to every conscious three-brained being, which has as its basis the aim of attaining welfare for surrounding beings, and the fulfillment of which depends partly on them themselves, then in whatever community of the contemporary civilization this may proceed, if you should have to meet in the interests of your work these contemporary terrestrial types in what are called their ‘circles,’ you must never fail to be very, very careful and take every kind of requisite measures to keep on good terms with them.