“All the same, it must be admitted that from their theaters and from these contemporary actors of theirs they obtained, of course accidentally, for the processes of their ordinary being-existence one ‘not-bad-result.’

“To understand in what this ‘not-bad-result’ consists, I have first to explain another particularity which becomes proper to the common presence of beings who arise according to the principle Itoklanoz.

“In accordance with this principle, the forming in the presence of such beings of energy necessary for what is called their ‘waking state’ depends on the quality of the associations which proceed in their common presence during their ‘complete passivity’ or as those favorites of yours say, ‘during sleep’; and vice versa, that energy necessary for the ‘productiveness’ of this said ‘sleep,’ is formed in its turn also from the associative process proceeding in them during this waking state, which is dependent on the quality or intensity of their activity.

“And this began to apply also to these terrestrial three-brained beings from the time when, as I have already once told you, Great Nature was compelled to substitute for the ‘Fulasnitamnian’ principle until then proper to their presences, the principle Itoklanoz. Thereupon there was acquired and there is up till now in the process of their existence such a particularity, that if, as it is said among them, they ‘sleep well,’ then they will also be awake well and, vice versa, if they are awake badly then they will also sleep badly.

“So, my boy, as during recent times they have existed very abnormally, then in consequence that established automatic tempo has even become changed which had previously more or less helped the proper associations to

proceed in them, and as a result they now sleep badly and when awake are even worse than before.