“A very good elucidating example of what I have just said is afforded by the sensations of the taste and the capacity to pronounce those two definite consonants or those letters known there at the present time and used among almost all the contemporary beings who breed on all parts of the surface of your planet, and which passed to them through the ancient Greeks from times long past.

“The said two letters were called by the ancient Greeks ‘theta’ and ‘delta.’

“Here it is interesting to notice that your favorites of very ancient times specially used just these two letters for giving distinct names to two quite opposite meanings.

“Namely, they used the letter ‘theta’ in words which ex- pressed ideas relating to the notion of ‘good’ and the second letter ‘delta’ they used in words relating to the notion of ‘evil’; as for example, ‘theos,’ that is ‘god,’ and ‘daimonion,’ that is ‘demon.’

“The notion and ‘taste’ of the consonance of both these letters passed to all the beings of the contemporary civilization, but both these different letters, having entirely different essences, they for some reason or other indicated by means of one and the same sign, namely, the sign ‘th.’

“For instance, the beings of the contemporary community called Russia, however hard they try, cannot pronounce these said two letters at all, yet, nevertheless, they very definitely sense their difference, and whenever they have to use these letters in words with definite notions, then although the letters they pronounce do not correspond at all, yet they correctly sense their difference and do not use one letter for the other.