“With this object in view, he turns to the other learnedbeing who has come onto the stage with him, and treating him now as an Irodohahoon or policeman, he would say: “‘Hi! you! Don’t-you-know-your-duty? Don’t-you-see- that-there . . . ?’ pointing with his hand at that moment in the direction of another small room of the club where were the other participants of the demonstrations of that day, ‘Two-citizens-a-“soldier”-and-a-“cobbler”-are- fighting-in-the-street-and-disturbing-the-public-peace-and- here-you-are-leisurely-strolling-about-imagining-yourself- God-knows-who-and-leering-at-the-passing-wives-of-honest-and-respectable-citizens! Just-you-wait-you-scamp! Through-my-chief-the-city’s-chief-physician-I-shall-report- to-your-chief-your-negligence-and-breach-of-duty!’

“From that moment, the learned being who had spoken would become a physician, because he had chanced to call his chief the head physician of the city, while the second learned being whom the former had called a policeman would assume the role of a policeman. Two other participating learned beings were then immediately called from the other room by the one who assumed the role of policeman, and they assumed the roles of cobbler and soldier respectively.

“And these two latter learned beings assumed and had to manifest themselves in just those roles, namely, one in the role of a soldier and the other in the role of a cobbler, only because the first learned being, having himself in accordance with his Darthelhlustnian state assumed the role of a physician, had called them soldier and cobbler respectively.