“Just these said differently sourced associative experiencings proceed in their common presences and ensue one from the other also in accordance with the same Law of Sevenfoldness.

“The learned members of the club of the Adherents-of- Legominism belonging to this group then in Babylon, indicated what they wished in the movements and in the actions of the participants in the mysteries in the follow- ing way:

“For instance, suppose that in order to fulfill his role in the given mystery, according to lawful associations, a participant evoked in one or another of his ‘brains’ some new impression or other, he was bound to react by some or other definite manifestation or movement; but he would intentionally produce this manifestation or movement not as he ought to have produced it, according to the Law of Sevenfoldness, but otherwise, and in these ‘otherwises’ they inserted in a certain way whatever they considered necessary for transmission to distant generations.

“In order, my boy, that you should have a concrete representation of these Saturday demonstrations, at which I was always glad to be present in order to rest from my intense activities at that time, I will give you an illustrative example of how these learned mysterists demonstrated before the other learned members of the club of the Adherents-of-Legominism various being-experiencings and manifestations according to the flow of associations, from among the number of which fragments for future mysteries were selected.

“For these demonstrations, they constructed in one of the large halls of the club a specially raised place which they then called the ‘reflector-of-reality,’ but beings of subsequent epochs to whom the information concerning these Babylonian learned mysterists chanced to be transmitted and who began imitating them and doing as it were the same, called and still call their constructions of a similar kind ‘stages.’