“And in order that you should have a better idea and well understand in which way they indicated what they wished in these dances, you must know that the learned beings of this time had already long been aware that every posture and movement of every being in general, in accordance with the same Law of Sevenfoldness, always consists of seven what are called ‘mutually-balanced-tensions’ arising in seven independent parts of their whole, and that each of these seven parts in their turn consists of seven different what are called ‘lines-of-movement,’ and each line has seven what are called ‘points-of-dynamic- concentration’; and all this that I have just described, be- ing repeated in the same way and in the same sequence but always on a diminishing scale, is actualized in the minutest sizes of the total bodies called ‘atoms.’

“And so, during their dances, in the movements lawful in their accordance with each other, these learned dancers inserted intentional inexactitudes, also lawful, and in a certain way indicated in them the information and knowledge which they wished to transmit.

“On Fridays, days devoted to sculpture, the learned be- ings belonging to this group brought and demonstrated what were then called minia-images or models, and which were made from the material there called ‘clay.’

“Those minia-images or models which they brought for exhibition and familiarization represented, as a rule, in- dividual beings or various groups of beings either similar to them or of other beings of all kinds of exterior form breeding on their planet.

“Among these productions were also various what are called ‘allegorical beings’ which were represented with the head of one form of a being there, with the body of another, and with the limbs of a third, and so on.

“The learned beings belonging to this group indicated all that was requisite in the lawful inexactitudes allowed by them in connection with what was then called the ‘Law of Dimensions.’