“Now hear in just which way the learned beings then in Babylon belonging to the group of painters indicated various useful information and fragments of the knowledge they had attained, in the lawful inexactitudes of the great cosmic law then called the Law of Sevenfoldness, by means of the combinations of the mentioned seven in- dependent definite colors and other secondary tonalities ensuing from them.

“In accordance with that definite property of the ‘com- mon-integral-vibration,’ that is, of the white ray, during the process of its transformations about which I have just spoken and which was already then familiar to the Babylonian learned painters, one of its ‘gravity-center-vibrations’ or one of the separate colors of the white ray always ensues from another and is transformed into a third, as, for example, the orange color is obtained from the red, and further itself passes in its turn into yellow, and so on and so forth.

“So, whenever the Babylonian learned painters wove or embroidered with colored threads or colored their pro- ductions, they inserted the distinctions of the tonalities of the colors in the crosslines as well as in the horizontal lines and even in the intersecting lines of color, not in the lawful sequence in which this process really proceeds, in accordance with the Law of Sevenfoldness, but otherwise; and in these also lawful ‘otherwises,’ they placed the contents of some or other information or knowledge.

“On Thursdays, namely, the days which the learned beings of this group assigned for ‘sacred’ and ‘popular’ dances, there were demonstrated with the necessary explanations every possible form of religious and popular dances, either those already existing which they only modified, or quite new ones which they created.