“Formerly, at the periods mentioned, in all the three-brained beings arising on this planet, this organ was formed with the sensibility of perceiving the mentioned blendings of separate ‘gravity-center-vibrations-of-the-white-ray’ and of distinguishing one third of the quantity of the ‘tonalities-of-color’ of all the ‘tonalities’ obtained in the presences of the planets as well as in all other greater

and smaller cosmic concentrations.
“Objective science has already accurately established

that the number of separate interblendings of ‘gravity- center-vibrations-from-the-common-integral-vibration,’ namely, the ‘tonalities-of-color,’ is exactly equal to one ‘Hooltanpanas,’ that is to say, according to the calculations of the terrestrial three-brained beings, of five million, seven hundred and sixty-four thousand eight hundred and one tonalities.

“Only a third of this total number of the blendings or tonalities, with the exception of the one tonality which is accessible only to the perception of our ALL-MAINTAIN- ING ENDLESSNESS, that is to say, one million, nine hundred and twenty-one thousand and six hundred tonalities, perceived by the beings as ‘differences-of-color,’ can be perceived by all the ordinary beings on whatever planet of our Great Universe they arise.

“But if the three-brained beings complete the perfect- ing of their highest part, their perceiving organ of visibility thereby acquires the sensibility of what is called ‘Olooestesnokhnian sight,’ then they can already distinguish two-thirds of the total number of tonalities existing in the Universe, which number, according to terrestrial calculation, amounts to three million, eight hundred and forty-three thousand and two hundred differences of tonality of color.