“Before continuing to speak about in which way those terrestrial learned beings then indicated various fragments of knowledge in their combinations of various colors, one fact concerning what I am just relating must be noticed— a fact definitely distressing for those favorites of yours and which was also obtained in their presences on account of the same abnormal forms of their daily existence established by them themselves.

“First I wish to explain to you also about the gradual change for the worse in the quality of the formation in them of those ‘organs-of-perception’ which should be formed in the presence of every kind of being, and about the organ which in this case particularly interests us, the organ for the perception and distinguishing of what is called the ‘blending-of-gravity-center-vibrations,’ which reach their planet from the spaces of the Universe.

“I am speaking about what is called the ‘common-integral-vibration of all sources of actualizing,’ namely, about that which the learned being Aksharpanziar, of whom I spoke, called the ‘white ray’ and about the perceptions of impressions from separate ‘blendings of gravity center vibrations’ which are distinguished by beings as separate what are called ‘tonalities-of-color.’

“You must know that at the very beginning of the arising and existence of the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, before the period when the organ Kundabuffer was introjected into them and later when this organ was totally removed from their presences and even after the second Transapalnian catastrophe there, almost up to the time of our third flight in person to the surface of that planet, the said organ was actualized in them with what is called a ‘sensibility-of-perception’ similar to that which is actualized in the common presences of all ordinary three-brained beings of the whole of our Great Universe.